Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Death by Goblin

Hit level 13 Red Mage last night before being ambushed by a pair of Goblin Butchers. Two Decent Challenges while I'm at 1/3 HP and still finishing off a Sapproling? Not a chance!

So this was my 6th death in total, and my 5th by Goblin ambush. Luckily Sargon was in the area.


  1. Congrats on RDM 13 Keke! Only two more to go eh? And those Blasted Goblins >.>. Had a group of them, about 3 two were wandering and one spawned near me while I was finishing off a Killer Bee in Tahrongi. Luckily I was on Paladin at the time and managed to pull off its 2-hour ability, "invincible". That, combined with a weaponskill and a potion I had obtained definitely saved me. Sargon sure is quite the saviour isn't he? XD IT's good to know you have someone to count on =3.

    Do you know the next time you'l be on? And could you tell me your Timezone so I can catch you while you are? ^_^ thankies.

  2. I'm on the West coast. I can probably log in for a few minutes anytime in the next hour or so, but after that I'll be away from this computer until late Thursday.

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  4. I'll be on in just a few minutes!