Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm a noob

Sargon asked if I had ever talked to the starter npc in Windurst. I thought he was talking about the Cardian I met early on, but he was actually referring to the Taru named Selele who hangs out at Widurst Woods gate. I thought I had spoke to her and that she didn't have anything interesting to say. Boy was I wrong!

I've been complaining that the game lacks instructionc, guides, tutorials and directions. Turns out that this npc could have told me everything I wanted to know! She walks you through the first 10 levels, suggestng when to go fight your first monsters, which monsters are too tough, when to check out the auction house, how to participate in Conquest, how to use crystals for synthesis and even when to head out to Tahrongi Canyon for the first time. I had figured most of this out on my own over timne, but seeing it all laid out for me really made me realize how difficult I had been making things for myself.

She also gave me a few thousand Gil and some useful items. I was totally broke after spending all my gil trying to level up clothcrafting, so this was hugely helpful!

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