Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can't get no statisfaction

I can't seem to stay on for more then a half hour at a time. I was on last night and this morning for just a few minutes before being interrupted, and that was the first time all week! I plan to be on this evening for a few hours and explore the festival. See you there?


  1. IT's ok Keke. The game will be here when you do have time for it=3. I'm sure you'll enjoy the event items from the Festival, as they actually look rather decent. Whether or not you'll like the amount of tedious work with the infamous "Mumor" or not, is another question.

  2. let me say that I find you blog very amusing and fun to read. I, myself just started a blog to record my experiences as well. I'm on the Phoenix server as Shadoin. I just started playing again after years and am pretty much a noob again too. hope you don't mind that I follow your blog.

  3. Not at all! And I'll check out yours!