Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Clothcrafting: So I discovered the weavers guild in Windurst and started clothcrafting. I though this would be fun and a good use of my time because A) I can make a lot of stuff that I'll probably use, B) I had a small stash of cloth dropped from monsters I've killed, and C) someone told me that crafting can make me some good gil!

Well, I guess the good gil comes later? I burned though my small stash pretty quickly, and spent most of my money buying crafting supplies from the weavers guild and the AH, but I was only able to get my crafting skill up to 1! I guess it takes time. I was able to craft some Headgear, a Doublet, Gloves and a few other items. So it's not like it was a wasted effort. I guess I'm going to be in it for the long haul though.

I do have a few questions about clothcrafting though:

- Where are the in game instructions for crafting or synthesis? I can't seem to find any at all. I saw a few people crafting stuff around town and asked one of them about it, and she told me a little and recommended that I do a google search. Up until that point I hadn't even been aware that there was any kind of crafting in the game! It took me forever to figure out how to do it. I thought I was looking for some kind of crafting option in the menu, but instead I needed to "use" crystals out of my inventory.

-Where can I find recipes in game? I've actually found a nice list here, so I guess I don't really need in game recipes. But it seems like they must exsist? How else do people discover them? Is it just trial and error?

- Why are some (most? All?) shops closed during certain parts of the day? Is there a mechanical purpose for this, or is it just to enhance immersion in the game? If it's the later... I appreciate the thought, but that's really, really annoying! And it doesn't help immersion that much when the shopkeeper is still standing right there!

Return to Giddeus: I decided to hang out in Giddeus for awhile since I really needed to gather some yagudo necklaces to turn into Grass Cloth. I was also getting tired of Tahrongi Canyon, and I wanted to explore Giddeus a little more. I ended up dying right off the bat when I took a wrong turn in a tunnel and ran into two Decent Challenge Yagudo, and again when I was jumped by a Yagudo while resting. But it was pretty worthwhile. I made it about half way to level 17 in a pretty short time, and gathered some interesting items, as well as about a half dozen of the necklaces I was looking for. The area is pretty neat as well. I think I'll be returning there soon!

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