Friday, July 10, 2009


Finally, level 20! I spent a few hours killing Sylvesteres and Mighty Rarabs near the outpost in Buburimu Peninsula. This went pretty well until I was killed twice in a row by the same Goblin Butcher! Both times he came out of nowhere while I was fighting something else and KO'd me before I knew what happened. Sargon was in the area the second time and brought me back around, then was kind enough to level sync with me to help me get revenge! I actually hit and passed 20 without even noticing!

Here's my new outfit, a Sand'o Tunic and Vagabond Hose. I'm a little disapointed in the Tunic, since it looks just like the Tunic I was wearing from level 8 to 12. I stuck with the Doublet from 12 until now, but I would really, really love to get a new outfit. The way my character looks is really important to me, and I'm tired of wearing the same old clothes!

Now that I've reached 20 I have all kinds of plans. First off is a trip to Jeuno to get my Chocobo liscense and explore. Then I'm heading back to Windurst to finish up some missions that were giving me some trouble. That should keep me busy for a few more levels!

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