Saturday, July 4, 2009

Around the world

I've seen so much! Sargon took me on a world tour last night, helping me gather the items for my subjob, guiding me through Valkrum Dunes and leading me. to each of the Crags so I could get my teleport crystal. This by itself would have been enough, but he also took the time to answer a whole lot of questions along the way.

I've selected Red Mage as my sub, and I currently have it at level 8. I plan to get it up to as soon as possible. I've read that Black Mage is actually a better option, but I really have no interest in leveling that job right now. My eventual goal is to unlock Summoner.

I also completed the quest that allows me to exit my house in any part of Windurst. What a huge time saver!

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