Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to Red Mage

I hit WHM 22 this morning, so now it's time to go back and level RDM for awhile. This is my least favorite thing to do, but my hope is that I can get up to 15 pretty quickly. MY GOAL IS TO TAKE WHM TO 30, subbing RDM all the way, then get SMN at 30 and lvl that up as far as I can.

Here's my new armor for RDM. Wearing this seems really innapropraite, since I still consider myself a White Mage. I feel lime I'm doing cosplay.


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't enjoying RDM T_T. A good place to rake in some quick XP is in West Sarutabaruta, around the Outpost ^^. Doing the last page of the Fields of Valour is a really quick and painless task. With an emperor band or possibly even one charge off of an anniversary ring, RDM should be able to reach 15 in no time. I know how you feel in regards to leveling subjobs =/ it is pretty boring, especially if you don't enjoy the job too much. For me, ninja was definately my bane. Stick with it though ^^ only to 15 and then you can go back to being WHM and out of this Cosplay Convention RDM has put you into!

  2. Thanks. Red Mage isn't all that bad. It's mostly playing through the same areas again, this time without fun missions to do. I think when I get Summoner I'll try Leveling in Bastok.

  3. Mhmmm ^^. Leveling in Bastok is fun, as there are lots of mountains and hills to climb in well as the hot springs area ^_^. You should definately try out San d'Oria and Ronfaure as well ^^ the music there is quite calming I find. I'm sure you'll enjoy summoner too, it's a great job and you're never lonely since you have Carbuncle =3. Of course when you get the other avatars, it becomes even more enjoyable.