Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Red Mage

I went ahead and leveled Red Mage up to 10. This will let me use it as my subjob until 20, and I guess after that I'll have to go back and do it some more. Leveling my subjob has so far been my LEAST favorite part of the game. Getting to wear some new armor and use a sword and some new spells was fun for about an hour. After that the process became a dull grind. I don't mind grinding for experience so much as a White Mage. I'm working to improve my main job, increase my level and explore the world. I get to see new places and fight new things. With the subjob I get none of this. I get to see the same places I explored 8 levels ago. I get to fight the same monsters I fought 8 levels ago. I don't get to improve the job I care about. Instead, I'm forced to improve a job I don't care about just to be effective.

I think that's the problem. I don't really want to play Red Mage. It just doesn't appeal to me. Same with Black Mage, and it seems like those are the only viable subjob options (that I have right now) for White Mage. I would totally be into leveling several other jobs, like Summoner, Dancer, Dark Knight and Corsair. Unfortunately, none of those options are available yet. I would actually like to take a stab at Thief, but I've been told that's a bad combination with White Mage.

I guess I'll just have to deal with it. I can get Red Mage up to 15, then hopefully switch over to Summoner right at 30. And then level Summoner a bunch... which is dull. Is there any method to leveling subjobs that keeps them from being a boring grind? Am I missing something obvious?

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