Saturday, July 25, 2009

Death, fashion and the legal drinking age!

First things first: I just hit 21. hooray, I'm old enough to drink! I was pretty close last week before I went on hiatus, and it only took a little bit of solo grinding, then a bit of partying with Sargon, to get me to 21, and then 1/5 of the may to 22.

Death: Of course, I died in the process. I've only died 5 times since I've started playing, and 4 of them have been in the exact same spot, right outside the outpost at Buburimu Penninsula. The first three times were all in a row, and all to the same two Goblins, who would come out of nowhere to beat me into the ground as soon as I started fighting or resting. This time it was a zombie. I was too busy chatting with Sargon to realize I was getting my behind kicked!

Fashion: Later, when a goblin started hanging around our camp area Sargon said "Goblins sure like you" (I revived me after my bout of goblin related deaths, so he knows the whole story). I replied "I think it's my hot pants". To which he replied "Maybe you should get some slacks".

Which is maybe a good idea. Except... the slacks are really ugly. So far I haven't found a single leg item that I like enough to replace the Hume Shorts that I started with. I know I'm handicapping myself by not keeping my leg armor current. But dammit, looks matter too! As soon as I find a descent looking skirt, shorts, leggings or whatever I'll totally change. In the mean time I'm staying away from anything that makes my butt look fat!

I have mangaed to put together a nice "around town" outfit. This is what I wear when I'm crafting, messing around at the auction house, or just exploring one of the cities.


  1. Congrats on hitting 21 ^^, got some awesome spells at that level for WHM ^_^ regen and Cure III I believe. You'll have fun with those spells, I'm sure ^_^. Death happens a lot in FFXI, that it does...especially due to Goblins >.>...evil things. Every year for the Sunbreeze Festival I think, the moogle tells you all of your character's statistical data(mobs fought, death, trades, etc) and I think most of my deaths have been from Goblins sneaking up on me >.>.

    In terms of those blasted slacks...I completely agree with you >.> I was embarassed to wear those things...look more like Balloon pants to me XD and I'm a stumpy little taru! In regards to the look of the Hume skirt you like, I'm sure you'll be looking forward to level 31 ^_^:

    Custom Pants (RSE, Hume Female)
    DEF: 12
    MP + 32, STR - 1, MND + 3, CHR + 1

    For the time being with those slacks, if you're finding them unbearable and you're playing on the PC, you can always do a .DAT swap, so the stats of the item will stay the same but the look will be yours to decide ^_^.
    The chapeau looks really nice on you though =D that's for sure Keke (hope you don't mind me calling you by that ^^).

    As for missing me, don't worry about it ^_^. We should set some sort of time though =3 so we don't miss one another. I'm on GMT -5 time, pretty much available whenever since I'm on vacation from school ^^ so if you tell me your timezoneand whatnot, we can definately work something out! Look forward to talking to you in-game, Keke!

  2. Thanks,I like the hat as well. It makes me look sophisticated(I hope).