Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Level 16! I decided to stay in Tahrongi Canyon until I hit level 16 or I completely ran out of inventory room. Both ended up happening at about the same time. This was a pretty major undertaking for me. It took about 3 hours of smacking goblins, bees, rabids and saprolings with my staff to make the xp I needed to reach level 16 *(about 3500 xp). It seems like leveling is getting harder as I go. What I mean is that it looks like my offensive and defensive capabilities are not keeping up with those of the monsters that I'm fighting. I need to do more damage!

Right now my damage is coming from just two sources, Dia and my staff. Both are pretty lame. I very, very much wish I had Banish. I'm also considering switching over to club and shield. I like staff a lot, mostly because it looks cool and I really feel that a White Mage should have a staff. I guess it's time to give up on looks and go for utility. Function over form, right?

Stuck! So after hitting 16 I ran back home to buy new spells and shop the auction house. Except I forgot that I'm super poor! While browsing the shops at Port Windurst I fell through the dock and ended up stuck on a boat and unable to leave! I tried to escape for about a half hour before calling on a GM for help!

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