Friday, August 7, 2009


Busy day! I was in and out of the game today and got quite a bit done. I started out with the festival dancers. It took me awhile to figure out the procedure and learn how to use macros, but I eventually synced up 15 dances with Mumur, which was enough to complete the event. Here's me in my cowboy stripper outfit cheering on Murmur!
I call it the cowboy stripper outfit because that's what it looks like. I wore it most of the day because it's cute and I was enjoying the festival, but I swear I had more guys chat with me, ask me to party, offer me free stuff and give me advice today the ever before. Four seperate guys came up to me to explain how the Murmur vs Uka dance off worked!

Anyway, completing the dance off won me this nice looking kimono. I'm building a pretty huge selection of non-combat clothes. Which is fun. But it also takes up a ton of room!
After spending some time in town I slipped into my armor and headed out to the Canyon to kill Bees and Saprolings. I made two levels pretty quick, finally bringing me up to Red Mage 15! Everyone say goodbye to the Red mage. If things go as planned we'll never see her again!

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  1. It's nice to see you were able to play again Keke. Good job on getting RDM to 15, now it's back to the job you love ^^, White Mage!!! More power to you. Hehe, the Sunbreeze Festival always brings back good memories for me. Especially how ever so fond Gespenst is of Mumor =P he loves her so much he could kill her XD. It was around this time Ges actually first started FFXI, so yeah, it's almost his one year anniversary. Time really does go by really quickly. Hope to hear more form youuu =3.