Thursday, August 13, 2009

Run, key, paperwork, revenge, swimsuit!

Now that I'm back to White Mage I'm getting a lot more done. Yesterday I managed to get from the beginning of lvl 22 to half way through 24, only dying once in the process! I also picked up a new mace which, while not as hard hitting as the hammer I've been looking at, gives a nice bonus to both Accuracy and Resist vs Light and Dark. I still haven't really had a chance to make use of the staff I picked up a few levels ago. Oh well.

Speaking of dying, I've given myself a new mission. I'm going to kill every goblin I see. This is an act of revenge. Now I don't mean I'm going to charge up to every Tough or Incredily Tough Goblin I come accross and fight them till they kill me, but I'm not going to pass by a goblin anymore just because I'm on my way somewhere (unless I'm riding a chocobo) or it's not on my FoV list. Goblins of the world! If I see you and I can kill you, then I will kill you!

Sargon took me on another tour of the world, this time to collect the keys from Giddeus, Ghelsba and Palborough that I'll need for the Kazham Airship Pass Quest. Sargon offered to do this with me a few evenings ago while I was on slowly grinding while filling out financial aid paperwork. I've never mentioned this before, but most of the time while I'm playing I'm actually also doing some kind of distracting, menial, work related task. This is part of how I justify playing the game to myself (and how I'm able to tolerate the parts of my day job that I really hate). Anyway, I was pretty distracted, killing about 1 goblin every 10 minutes, when Sargon proposed the key quest. His idea was simple. I'd auto-follow him around the world and wait at the entrance of each of the three areas as he fought the higher level beastmen and got the keys I needed. All I'd have to do is occasionally check to see if I was in the right place. Honestly, this sounded like cheating to me, but it was a nice offer, and I really did have some work to get done. You can see the screens from the trip below. Travel, travel, travel! Now I'm eager to return to Palborough though. It looked pretty cool.

We also stopped by Bastok to pick up the other festival swim suit I needed. Thanks Sargon! I'll have to do a fasion show post soon.

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